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Nichols Wedding

January 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

 It was a damp fall day, but you could not tell it from the amount of love that was in the air! The happiness on Josh's face when he saw Amber walking down the aisle, in her beautiful white dress, truly showed what their day was all about. You could see the commitment and yearning for one another, not just in their eyes, but you could feel their contagious love fill the room. Josh and Amber's family and friends traveled to Myers Pointe to witness the beginning of the Nichols happy ever after.

After the ceremony, "Big Foot" hit the dance floor with his new bride! Let me tell you, "Big Foot" has some moves! Josh and Amber danced like nobody was watching. That's what love is all about! The Nichols then shared the floor with the rest of their guests and they danced the night away.... We also had a special apperance from the, Hartly Fire Department for the fire alarm that got set off by the dj's smoke machine!! What a day, Thank you Nichols family for letting us be apart of it!


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